Ads Between Content Documentation

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Instructions to install Plug-In:
1.Download the plugin
2.Log into your site as an administrator
3.Go to the 'Extensions' tab at the top and choose 'Extension Manager'
4.Where it says 'Upload Package File', click 'Choose File' and locate the downloaded zip file that you did in step 1
5.Click 'Upload and Install'
6.Now, under the 'Extensions' tab, select 'Plugin Manager'
7.Search for 'ads between', and find our plugin
8.You can now click on the plugin to enable it (click the red button and it'll turn green)
9.You can also edit the plugin options by clicking its name

How to use plug-In:
You can place the ADS anywhere (Ads before content, ads at content top, ads at content bottom, ads after content). You can place an image and add a link over ads. You can also mention the articles from “include articles ids”, where you want to show the ads.